Draca Wards Saga

Draca Wards Saga

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And...it's here!

Finally! Book 2 of the Draca Wards Saga is available exclusively on Kindle. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for free. Click here to go to the Amazon page.

The race is on to bond with the young wards, and some of the evil Draca are in prime position to make their move. One dragon controls the Academy where most of the wards are training. Another is blindly revered by the powerful Druids. Yet another wreaks havoc with her disregard for rules and order among her kind. But the wards are unaware of the danger. As they begin to come to terms with the powers they possess, they must accept who they are, their pasts and their futures, and figure out who is a friend…and who is not.  

This is an exclusive pre-release. The print edition will be released in February. And don't forget, Familiar Origins is still 99 cents on Kindle! Happy reading!



  1. Hii!!! :D I'm so happy for you, this is a very big sucess!
    For the moment I'm trying to find the first one, and continuing reading it.
    I liked so much the cover, I'ts very nice! Some day I want to work doing covers for fantasy books. Like the mine XD hahaha.
    See you.
    Michelle, Dragona del Este.

  2. Thank you Michelle. I am trying to find out how you can get the book. I would love for you to read it.