Draca Wards Saga

Draca Wards Saga

Friday, February 14, 2014

And now, a 'glimpse' of Book 4!

 Pun very much intended…

Here is the cover to my next book. I was very excited to see this. And I was given permission to share, so here it is.

Glimpses of Destiny is the fourth installment of the Draca Wards Saga. And it’s coming soon, so catch up and read the first three novels. And if you have read them, go ahead and read them again.

My publisher, Silver Leaf Books, has reduced prices on most of its books. Here is the link to the page for Familiar Origins: http://www.silverleafbooks.com/Books_FamiliarOrigins.htm

You can read a sample chapter of Book 1 here: http://www.dracawards.com/Familiar%20Origins_BPine_Ch1.pdf

My illustrator is one of my biggest fans.  Here is the link to her blog. http://eimipinero.blogspot.com/
I will blog a little bit about the saga in my next few posts.