Draca Wards Saga

Draca Wards Saga

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And...it's here!

Finally! Book 2 of the Draca Wards Saga is available exclusively on Kindle. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for free. Click here to go to the Amazon page.

The race is on to bond with the young wards, and some of the evil Draca are in prime position to make their move. One dragon controls the Academy where most of the wards are training. Another is blindly revered by the powerful Druids. Yet another wreaks havoc with her disregard for rules and order among her kind. But the wards are unaware of the danger. As they begin to come to terms with the powers they possess, they must accept who they are, their pasts and their futures, and figure out who is a friend…and who is not.  

This is an exclusive pre-release. The print edition will be released in February. And don't forget, Familiar Origins is still 99 cents on Kindle! Happy reading!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Planet Earth's Northern Hemisphere

I love writing about fictional worlds. However, this is the world that inspires me. All my ideas are based on this beautiful planet.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My dragon is not happy with me

As I rummage through a box of knick-knacks from my old office at work, I pull out the beautiful blue dragon that Hubby got for me in Brazil. I smile as I hold it up to the light, and immediately realize I am in trouble.

The ice dragon is not used to tumbling about in a dark box with junk. She is accustomed to being admired, perched high on a file cabinet where co-workers would drop by and compliment her. Now a bit of polish is scraped off the tip of one of her horns. Blood-red eyes glower through angry slits at me.

“I am sorry,” I say to her.

No reaction from the dragon. But I get her message loud and clear.

You call yourself a dragon lover. You are unworthy of a Beanie Dragon!

I carry her downstairs to my new work area. “Look, I have no office anymore. There is no place to put you that is out of reach of the kids.”

The dragon just stares.

“Fine, how can I redeem myself?”

I want you to show me off again.

I think about it for a moment. “How about I post a picture of you on my blog?”

Pssshhht! Nobody reads your blog! Don’t do me any favors.

“Well it’s all I have, so take it or leave it!”

Sometimes you have to be firm with dragons. She’s a little less peeved now. Here she is:

And headshot:


Monday, December 3, 2012

Familiar Origins for 99 cents!

The sequel to Familiar Origins is almost here. And the Kindle version of Familiar Origins is now 99 cents for a limited time on Amazon!

Click here to buy it on Kindle!

So if you have a Kindle, and you haven’t read the first book, or if you are looking for a holiday gift for an avid reader, now is the time to get it.

The book is about a group of children who are being sought after by dragons. The prologue tells of two dragons confronting each other over a newborn baby. You can read the prologue and the first three chapters here:

Familiar Origins- Goodreads excerpt

You can also visit the Draca Wards website to learn more about this fantasy saga:


Familiar Origins has won two first place 2012 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. It’s also received great reviews. So If you have not read it yet, give it a shot. And if you know anyone who is looking for a good YA fantasy book to read, please spread the word.